investors bancorp inc ipo

Investors bancorp inc ipo


Investors Savings Bank, to finance the possible acquisition of other financial institutions or financial service businesses, to pay dividends or for other general corporate purposes, including repurchasing shares of our common stock. Investors Savings Bank may use the proceeds it receives to make loans, to purchase securities, to expand its banking franchise internally, through branching or through acquisitions, and for general corporate purposes. In our market area, we compete with numerous commercial banks, savings institutions, mortgage brokerage firms, credit unions, finance companies, mutual funds, insurance companies, and brokerage and investment banking firms operating locally and elsewhere. Some of our competitors have substantially greater resources and lending limits than we have, have greater name recognition and market presence that benefit them in attracting business, and offer certain services that we do not or cannot provide. Our profitability depends upon our continued ability to successfully compete in our market area. The greater resources and deposit and loan products offered by some of our competitors may limit our ability to increase our interest-earning assets. We face intense competition within our market area both in making loans and attracting deposits. Our market area has a high concentration of financial institutions, including large money center and regional banks, community banks and credit unions. Some of our competitors offer products and services that we currently do not offer, such as trust services and private banking. As of June 30, 2004, our market share of deposits was 1.55% of total deposits in the State of New Jersey. Our competition for loans and deposits comes principally from commercial banks, savings institutions, mortgage banking firms and credit unions. We face additional competition for deposits from short-term money market funds, brokerage firms, mutual funds and insurance companies. JFK Parkway, Short Hills, New Jersey 07078, and its telephone number is (973) 924-5100. At March 31, 2005, Investors Bancorp, Inc. had total consolidated assets of $4.89 billion and total consolidated stockholder’s equity of $397.9 million.